Presidential Elections 2023 –The President of the House of Representatives exercised her right to vote in the Presidential Elections 2023

The President of the House of Representatives Ms Annita Demetriou, exercised today her right to vote for the Presidential Elections, at the Primary School of Troulloi polling station, in the Larnaka district.

Afterward, in her remarks to reporters, the House President said that «today is a celebration of democracy; we, therefore, call on the citizens to go to polls in massive numbers to collectively exercise this right that is given to them today with the Presidential Elections.

It is precisely very important to have a collective result that will be able in this way, the best democratic expression, to safeguard the future that our Cyprus deserves. I wish everyone success and have a good vote».

In response to a remark by a reporter that young people usually abstain from voting, Ms Demetriou said that «I do not think that young people abstain, they are just harder to be convinced, and here lies our responsibility and our duty: To convince the young generation in particular, that they must indeed participate, so that we will have the best possible result, mainly for them.

Because the future of this country is first and foremost for the young. They will be the ʽarchitectsʼ of tomorrow, it is to them we will leave a legacy that they must manage. We, therefore, need the youth in this equation, so that we can have the future that both our country and every citizen deserve.

We always have a special concern for the new generation. We hope and make every effort to have the best possible result and to represent them in the best way. But what we say is that democracy is always deficient if the civil society in general and the young people in particular, do not participate equally».

Asked where she will be watching the electoral process from, Ms Demetriou said that «I will be watching from my home with particular interest. It was a long and difficult pre-election period, but today, we will have the results, and it will continue next week».