Presidential Elections 2023 – Repeat election: The Chief Returning Officer replied to press questions in the framework of his statement on voter turnout until 12 noon and the temporary closing of ballot boxes

The Chief Returning Officer Dr Costas Constantinou, in the framework of his statement on voter turnout until 12 noon, was asked by a media representative whether he has received complaints.

«As I understand, there is a continuous flow of information», the Chief Returning Officer replied.

He informed media representatives that the team of the Press and Information Office has been assigned with the task of monitoring publicized news on the internet. As for the issues that fall within the competence of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, these are being investigated and handled by the Commissioner’s Office. Apparently, we shall see later what will be forwarded to the Attorney General for further actions”, he added.

He has also informed reporters that he has visited numerous polling stations in Lefkosia and that he is following developments both on the internet and on TV to the extent possible. “I think the election process takes place very smoothly, in an exemplary manner I would say. Apparently, minor issues occur, as in every election process, which will be duly investigated”, he said.

In concluding, the Chief Returning Officer said that the next briefing will take place when ballot boxes are opened around 1:15 p.m., according to plan.