Presidential Elections 2023 – The Chief Returning Officer replied to press questions in the framework of his statement on voter turnout until 12 noon
and the temporary closing of the ballot boxes

The Chief Returning Officer, Dr Costas Constantinou, in the framework of his announcement on voter turnout until 12:00 noon, and the temporary closing of the ballot boxes, replied to press questions as follows:

Replying to a journalist’s question, in relation to an incident, during which a voter photographed the ballot paper, he confirmed that “all polling stations are operating according to the instructions provided and the guidelines given to the presiding officers.

Mr Constantinou stated that minor incidents have occurred, which have been handled by the presiding officers and the police officers on duty, where it was deemed necessary».

“Therefore”, he added “what I can say is that the law is fully implemented, the procedures are implemented exactly as outlined and the overall election process is running smoothly”.

Replying to another question in relation to a representative of a candidate, who refused to wear a mask something which resulted in upsetting the people at a polling station, the Chief Returning Officer repeated that “the election process runs very smoothly. The incident has been handled according to the instructions provided”.

“The Returning Officers, the Assistant Returning Officers as well as the presiding Officers have been given clear instructions as to how to handle each incident. In one case, a candidate’s representative refused to wear a mask. The staff at the polling station handled the incident immediately and the process continued in a very smooth manner», Dr Constantinou pointed out. He noted that this is a minor incident and that all officers or candidates’ representatives, who are inside a polling station, must wear a mask, as provided for in the relevant health protocol”.