Presidential election 2023 – Repeat Election: Written Statement
by the Chief Returning Officer, Dr Costas Constantinou,
on the completion of the presidential elections

Following the successful completion of the enormous work of conducting the presidential elections, I would like to express my absolute satisfaction with the order that prevailed throughout the pre-election period and with the level of political civility demonstrated by all.

The voting was carried out in a civilized atmosphere, in a transparent, democratic and unbiased manner. The impressively mature behaviour of the hundreds of thousands of voters was a decisive factor in creating this atmosphere.

I would like at this moment to especially thank the representatives of the candidates for the productive and positive spirit of cooperation they have shown, which contributed greatly to the smooth conduct of the elections.

As the Chief Returning Officer, I feel it is my duty to warmly thank the Assistant Chief Returning Officer and my colleagues at the Ministry of Interior, the Returning Officers and their staff, the Chief and members of the Police, as well as the Directors and staff of the Information Technology Services Department, the Press and Information Office, the Government Printing Office and other services, who worked methodically with zeal and, dedication, and contributed to the outmost degree to the successful conduct of the presidential elections.

I also thank the Attorney-General of the Republic and the Officers of the Legal Service for their continuous legal support and advice.

Finally, I want to express my special thanks to each and every one of the approximately 6,000 civil servants, the unemployed graduates, who staffed the polling centres and the secretariats of the Returning Officers, who contributed to the smooth conduct of the voting and the speedy issuance of the results, as well as the approximately 2,100 members of the Police, for their valuable services.

In closing, I would like to thank you, the journalists, and in general the media representatives, for the objective coverage of the elections and the constructive cooperation we had.