1. The Chief Returning Officer and the Cyprus Police announce that the proclamation ceremony of the new President of the Republic will take place at the "Tassos Papadopoulos - Eleftheria" stadium, in Lefkosia, on the evening of Sunday 12.02.2023. The exact time of the proclamation will be announced by the Chief Returning Officer.

2. All the parking spaces of the Makario Stadium, with an entrance from Lefkotheou Street, as well as the car park west of the Eleftheria Stadium, and the car park behind the auxiliary courts of the Makario Stadium, with entrance from Lykavittou Street, will be available for the citizens who will attend the ceremony.

3. Officials who will attend the ceremony are advised to come to the venue from Eroon Avenue – Lefkotheou Street – Lykavittou Street (from the Tomb of Makedonitissa and the Church of Agios Panteleimon) and from Morphou Avenue - Lykavittou Street and park in the parking space, west of the "Tassos Papadopoulos - Eleftheria" Stadium, with an entrance from Lykavittou Street.

It is noted that entry to the parking area reserved for officials will only be allowed to the holders of a special card that will be issued for this purpose by the Office of the Chief Returning Officer.

4. At the ceremony venue, the Cyprus Police will take increased security measures. In particular, the following will be strictly prohibited:

    · to carry flares, firecrackers and other dangerous objects to the stadium.

    · to carry banners with abusive or other provocative - racist content.

    · to write slogans in the surrounding area, on the walls of the stadium and anywhere else.

    · to enter the stadium with the face covered.

Any person who fails to comply with the above rules will not be allowed to enter the stadium. Those attending the ceremony are requested to behave in a civil manner and show due respect for this institution.

5. The capacity of the stadium is limited and, therefore, arrangements will be made so that the public can watch the event from giant screens, which will be installed outside and around the stadium.

6. It should be noted that the Police will be present at the ceremony to ensure the safety of the public and to provide traffic facilities, both during arrival and departure.

7. Further details about the ceremony will be announced by the Chief Returning Officer.

Diagrams of the parking spaces are available here.